• Stands approximately 8 inches tall.
  • 1/10 scale model kit.
  • Magnets in feet for stability on the included base.
  • Imported from USA.
Product description ------------------- Brain of Justice League! The world of detective (Worlds gray test Ditekutebu) Batman appeared! ~ Reborn DC Comics universe, NEW52. "Justice League" is continuously released in ARTFX + (Arts F - X Plus) series from among numerous titles! Batman finally appears in the fifth bulletin! At last, Batman appeared! Both parents were killed and fighting beyond the law against criminals He vowed to swear from science, engineering, physics, linguistics, soldiers, criminal psychology, etc. from early childhood, and he is familiar with several fighting sports. In the Justice League where a variety of super power is gathered, the indomitable man Batman with an exceptional "power" which is the only "human" but surpasses other meta-humans, using the latest battle suit design Commercialized with a metallic color common to the series. As original development of Kotobukiya, Jim Lee's original artwork decorating the opening of NEW 52 is used as reference material. Seven Super Sevens (Superman, Green Lantern (to be released in December), Flash (planned to be released in January 2013), Wonder Woman, Cyborg (to be released sequentially from next spring) will be commercialized as well. Of course, collecting everything will complete the aforementioned Justice League Art in three dimensions! The scale is 1/10 size of ARTFX + Unified Scale, and it can be fixed at any position with foot magnet on the base with foil-stamped logo. also ordered the ARTFX + series products of the same specifications of the sale from Kotobukiya, co-star of the dream beyond the fence is also available. From the Manufacturer --------------------- Joining his fellow Leaguers in their impressive lineup, Batman stands at the ready, no doubt contemplating multiple scenarios in his head. Wayne’s first appearance in the ARTFX+ lineup captures his New 52 look by Jim Lee perfectly, with his current subtly-armored Bat suit. The details on Batman are exceptional from the intricate lines on his costume to the many tiny pouches on his utility belt, wicked bladed gauntlets, long flowing cape and more. Kotobukiya’s unique take on this Batman features a metallic sheen to his gray costume that looks fantastic with the darker black of the cape, cowl, chest emblem, gloves and boots, while of course the belt is its traditional bright yellow.