• ◆ is chic bracelet bracelet adds a touch of style to your style.?The elegant and striking tortoiseshell shell design is outstanding.?Ideal for layering, mashups, and other stackable jewels to express your personal style..
  • ◆ e: bracelet circumference is 16cm.
  • ◆ al for stacking.
  • ◆ lamorous charm bracelet with a variety of lucky charms is a true slogan..
  • ◆ orful jewelry accessories and bright color clothing match perfectly..
  • Imported from UK.
Material: Acrylic Style: Women's Model: Half circle Color: Blue, Black and White, Color, Color No. 1, White Blue, Brown The specific maintenance is as follows: 1. Jewelry is often replaced, the same piece of jewelry Should avoid wearing for a long time, especially in the hot summer, the jewelry coating is prone to corrosion when exposed to sweat for a long time, so it is best to prepare a few replacements.? 2. When exposed to chemicals, bathed in perfume, chlorine in swimming and salt water in seawater, it is easily damaged, all of which can lead to etching of jewelry, so it should be removed before bathing or swimming.? 3. Do not overlap, collide and scratch, should be stored in the original packaging or separate small lattice box to avoid scratching the surface.? 4. Regularly clean the jewelry, choose a soft brush to clean the surface and remove surface stains.?