• Type: Neck Pillow.
  • Neck Pillow Material: PVC.
  • Eye Shade Material: NO.
  • Ideal For: Adult.
    VW Inflatable Black Travel Neck Pillow( U Shaped) Inflatable Portable Head & Neck Supporting Air Pillow for Car, Train, Flight, Bus and it’s Adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, provides good support for the cervical vertebrae and the head and prevents head, neck and shoulder pain resulting from sleeping in a seated position., It relieves muscles and allows the cervical vertebrae to remain in a position close to the anatomic position ideal for travel., Perfect for those who travel for long hours in planes and car, Soft and extremely comfortable itself to the shape of your body and regains its original shape once the pressure is relieved Product Dimensions: (10L x 5W x 3H) cm Comfortable and Perfect for Those Long Travel or Home can relax Contoured Design Provides Neck Support for Long Hours. Made from a soft polyester material that feels smooth against your skin. Inflates fast with hand pump, deflates in seconds via air release valve Get Relief from Neck Pain and aches or a sore neck by using it as a neck cushion. Unisex neck massage pillow is great for adults, seniors, men, women, children, patients, or anyone else. Type: Neck Pillow Neck Pillow Material: PVC Eye Shade Material: NO Ideal For: Adult Style Code: 68675