• The facial epilator is suitable for all skin types best for chin, cheek and upper lip areas Small and effective hair remover beauty tool..
  • Natural facial hair removal for women, remove facial hair from the root and all for up to 4 weeks..
  • Removes excess / unwanted facial hair, leave your skin feeling softer and hair free..
  • It works like tweezers, except that it removes a small area of hair at a time so it is faster..
  • Portable size,easy to carry..
  • Imported from UK.
Colour:Random Description: Super simple step to all clear even the smallest hairs in your body, the tightened spring threads the hairs while rubbing on your body. All you need to do is just gently rubbing!! (If you want to use more efficiently, Prepare a steamed towel for massaging to your body for a while then using it, It will be less painful and work well.) Specification: Item Type: Face Hair Remover Size : 11 * 6 cm Handle Materials: Plastic Spring Material: Stainless Steel Color:Pink Green(The Color Is Random) Function: Remove small hair, lip hair Instructions for use: After bathing, before putting on makeup, hold the handle of the hair remover, put the hair remover close to the skin, and let the hair remover roll from bottom to top on the face, the spring will clamp the fine hair tightly, so that the face hair can be Thoroughly removed. Precautions: 1. If the hair other than the fine hair is pulled out, it may be painful. Please pay attention when using it. 2. The roller is made of stainless steel. If there is any discomfort during use, please stop using it. 3. Do not store in direct sunlight or children's hands at your fingertips. 4. After use, remove the fine hair from the spring to keep the appliance clean. 5. The body of the hair remover cannot be washed. -------------------------------------------------------- Package Including 1* Face Hair Remover