• Imported from UK.
    If you are in search of a quality accessory to tidy up your bags, this color linen Simple Bag Bags VALENSOLE is completed for you. Being made with some printed cotton tissue, it is very elegant and will contribute to the putting in ornamental atmosphere of your residence. Indeed, it has a small tongs in its superior extremity to facilitate its suspension in the wall. Its magnificent drawings of flowers of lavenders and its color concretely purified in color linen confer on this bag with bags simple a singular and unequalled design. For you to contribute to the preservation of the environment and of our beloved planet, the company Jojo la Cigale , a French artisan workshop , focusing on products " hand-made " manufactured with fabric, thought to design simple bags in bags for preserving plastic bags to reuse them for other occasions. Simple bags in bags of Jojo la Cigale are not only designed to hold plastic bags but they also are true decorative accessories for the kitchen. They are well presented in a variety of patterns and colors able to match the interior style perfectly as you chose your home. Convenient and secure, simple bags in bags of Jojo la Cigale are made with a Provencal -resistant fabric and quality. Their designs have been carefully studied so that they are easy to use and attractive.