• Seed Type: Vegetable.
  • Suitable For: Indoor, Outdoor.
  • Organic Plant Seed.
  • Seed For: CHERRY TOMATO.
    There are all kinds of tomatoes to try ? from the tiniest cherry types that are favorites with children, through to full-flavored giant beefsteak tomatoes. And tomatoes come in all kinds of colours too ? red, of course, but also green and orange, even purple tomatoes or striped tomatoes. Tomato plants can be cordon varieties that need staking and tying in, bush varieties, and there are even tomato plants designed to grow in hanging baskets. Seed Type: Vegetable Suitable For: Indoor, Outdoor Organic Plant Seed Seed For: CHERRY TOMATO : Pack of 25 CHERRY TOMATO Seeds Brand: Paudha Model Name: P-chtomato-a1331 Quantity: 25 per packet Common Name: CHERRY TOMATO Type of Seed: Vegetable Organic: Yes