Add an extra degree of flexibility in your video or photo framing with Z-Flex Folding Camera Z Desktop Stand Holder. It is a dual-articulated camera platform that allows your camera to be placed at many different angles for creative and practical composition. In addition to the two tilt joints, the base articulates for 270° of panning action. Mounting options include a 3/8"-16 & 1/4"-20 threaded hole on the bottom to attach to your tripod or other grip accessory like a slider. The best thing about Z-Flex Folding Camera Z Desktop Stand Holder, is that even if it's not mounted to a tripod it can stand on its own for ground-up shots or for peeking over ledges and counters. The brilliance in the design is that it allows you to give your camera more reach, both upwards and outwards. ALTERNATE TO TABLE TOP TRIPOD No Knobs Like Ball Head Z Desktop Camera Stand Holder. Content: 1 x Z-Head : 1PCS Z PLATE Brand: SHOPEE Model Number: DSLR Camera CNC Foldable Z TriPod Flex Pan Tilt Ball Head Desktop Stand Color: Black Material: Carbon Steel Mounting Thread: 1/4" Non-Slip Texture: Yes Plate Type: Z